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Macoun is yet another McIntosh hybrid developed in the 1920s using Jersey Black as a cross. It has become one of the Northeast's finest dessert apples and a respectable cooker as well. Because it has proven difficult to size it produces good crops only every other year and does not store well for long periods, it is not widely grown. It has developed a loyal following and we are pleased to offer it later in the season when it's at its best.

Red Delicious Despite competition from newer varieties introduced to the global market, this apple remains the most widely grown in the U.S. Discovered in Iowa in the 1870s it was one of the finest varieties promoted by commercial nurseries. Its qualities are confined to eating. We feel our orchard grows an outstanding Red Delicious capable of holding its own against the best Washington state has to offer.

golden delicious

Golden Delicious A relation to Red Delicious in name and shape only, it has a sweet, delicate flavor and keeps very well. It possesses a pleasing aroma unlike any other variety. Its qualities as a cooking apple make it highly favored by pastry chefs and were always "Mother's" first choice for a pie.


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